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Digital Music Art

Digital Music Art is an eclectic collection of computer-assisted music, sound and video by Sal Sofia, a melodic and rhythmic blend of tonal and atonal mixing with technology to create analogy and metaphor with music and soundscapes,
applied to video and graphics.

AL et al

When I decided to write a composition regarding Human Rights my mind went no further and stopped at Abraham Lincoln. He is the man that I could relate to because of my background. I feel the connection with what he was trying to bring forward to the people of this nation, an equality for all men regarding their color or race. Today Abraham Lincoln is celebrated in the all world for what he did and stood for. To describe and to represent Abraham Lincoln musically, I used a computer as an orchestra because the abstractness which the computer could be employed and implemented to create music could be very limitless. And, I was able to bring forth "AL" a computer generated musical work. People listen and look at the arts especially at "abstract expressionism" in a very personal way from within, inside, and I feel very strongly about the way I composed Abraham Lincoln "AL" and the way it represents my thoughts about Abraham Lincoln and his message at this time in my life.

The composition is organized in four movements (Canti) and every movement has their unique sections and sequences that is, the sections have sequences and are accompanied by intros and intersections.

Harmonic Dream

This is a story of quest, faith and endurance...the question of life and nature and how "human" fits into the "natural order." It appears clear that while some are trying to solve the problems we face, others are destroying the efforts that would help to achieve solutions. Harmonic Dream expresses the fervor and rekindling of spirit required to answer this quest. Written in three movements, Visions, Muse and Hope, the sound sources used to compose the piece are recorded from various "inharmonic" sound objects that Sofia created physically or from nature. "To me the sound objects are like Actors in a play, the gesture of a sound is like a Recitativo and the sound-scape is like the Aria. There is also Oratorio used as Opera and for dramatic effect."

Et Cetera

An electroacoustic music multimedia DVD containing three period compositions, one hour in lenght, all dynamic with drama counterpoint with delicate motifs to compose interpretive musical and video metaphor. Music of Silence plays the poetry of sound that is beyond the "silence," to feel comfort in its peace, continuity and duration, a prelude to dawn, the anticipation to a restful close. The Courtyard of Miracles interprets fantasy when children plays with abandon, shaping their dreams that may one day be reality. Dancing In the Shadow provacatively questions our role in society: do we live in a shadow of what we wish to be, does society lead us leaving us a shadow trail to follow, or can we lead our lives with our shadow in tow?

Et Cetera++

Et Cetera++ is the audio version of Sofia's Et Cetera DVD with the addition of two cinematic pieces, Reflections of a Warrior and Beyond the Water Fountain. This eclectic collection of computer assisted music and sound is a melodic and rhythmic blend of tonal and atonal mixing with technology to create analogy with music and soundscapes - that provokes the listener to envision and to affect emotions allowing for personal interpretation of the artistic expression of the works.


In this electronic opera, Sofia composes a celebration of the life of Francis of Paola, a Franciscan monk who lived in the fifteenth century and who dedicated his life to benefit mankind and the peaceful coexistence of all. The opera is adapted from the biography written by Padre Antonio Castiglione, O.M. and was conceived and realized as a multimedia composition for dancers, narration and graphics. The narration was of concern "to find the right words to support the true meaning of Charitas." Finally, while reading a book, Hinduism: A Cultural Perspective by David R. Kinsley, Dr. Sofia came across the words "that made perfect sense (even though one subject is of Christian faith and the other is Hinduism) and that fit appropriately with the music and dance." This compact disc contains the music and narration of Charitas.

Dr. Sal Sofia received a Doctorate in Musical Arts in Composition for Computer Music from the University of Washington, Seattle, a Master of Fine Arts in Composition and New Media from California Institute of the Arts, Valencia and a Bachelor of Arts in Music Science and Technology from the University of Northern Iowa, Cedar Falls.

Credits: All compositions are written and arranged by Sal Sofia. All computer synthesis programming, sound design, signal processing are created by Sal Sofia with Csound sound/signal synthesis program, SoundHack spectral audio processing, and Snd sound editor. Cover design by Sal Sofia. Graphic design: SASP