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AL et al

When I decided to write a composition regarding Human Rights my mind went no further and stopped at Abraham Lincoln. He is the man that I could relate to because of my background. I feel the connection with what he was trying to bring forward to the people of this nation, an equality for all men regarding their color or race. Today Abraham Lincoln is celebrated in the all world for what he did and stood for. To describe and to represent Abraham Lincoln musically, I used a computer as an orchestra because the abstractness which the computer could be employed and implemented to create music could be very limitless. And, I was able to bring forth "AL" a computer generated musical work. People listen and look at the arts especially at "abstract expressionism" in a very personal way from within, inside, and I feel very strongly about the way I composed Abraham Lincoln "AL" and the way it represents my thoughts about Abraham Lincoln and his message at this time in my life.

The composition is organized in four movements (Canti) and every movement has their unique sections and sequences that is, the sections have sequences and are accompanied by intros and intersections.

Abraham Lincoln et al

Canto Primo   [ 6:06 ]

Copyright © (Sal Sofia) SASP. (ASCAP)

Canto Secondo [ 14:21 ]

Copyright © (Sal Sofia) SASP. (ASCAP)

Canto Terzo  [ 10:55 ]

Copyright © (Sal Sofia) SASP. (ASCAP)

Canto Quarto   [ 14:07 ]

Copyright © (Sal Sofia) SASP. (ASCAP)


Credits: All compositions are written and arranged by Sal Sofia. All computer synthesis programming, percussion, sound design, signal processing are created by Sal Sofia with Csound sound/signal synthesis program, SoundHack spectral audio processing, and Snd sound editor. Cover design by Sal Sofia. Graphic design: SASP